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With Multiple Skills for Augmenting your Professional Career

Foreign Language Skill is a powerful tool to give a varied dimensions to your Professional career. Looking to the Business Opportunities Worldwide, you need to equip yourself with an expertise in Foreign Language/Languages with Multiple Skills. We at ZIEL, offer you such opportunity to learn one / more languages and develop the skill with perfection at our premises . We can offer you the courses in Foreign Languages at flexible schedule to suit your availability and requirements.

Various Skills:
  • Oratory Skills
  • Writing Skills
  • Translation Skills
  • International Certification
  • Experienced Faculty
  • Quality Education
  • Ample Practice Sessions
  • Flexible Schedule & Timings – Walk In Registration
  • Translation Services
  • Corporate Trainings

  • What is HSK?
  • Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK) is the international exam for Chinese language. It is the standardized proficiency test for foreign students of the language. This exam is conducted by Hanban, a non-governmental organization, to test the proficiency of non-native speakers.
    HSK was developed by the Beijing Language and Cultural University. Certificates are issued by the State committee for the proficiency test. This certificate is recognized and accepted by many countries worldwide.


In Basic level, a student is exposed to the Chinese characters roughly 70- 90 (depending on the student), Grammar structure , Sound pattern etc.

In intermediate level, a student is able to express himself well in Chinese ,some additional characters are covered up around 50-60 and Mock sessions for the International Certification Exams are commenced which covers (Listening and Reading).
Normally Basic and Intermediate together prepares a student for HSK exam

Exams Conducted by (HANBAN)
The International Certification Courses for all above Languages involves total 6 different levels, subject to change by the Concerned International Authorities with necessary notification. Hence, the charges for the International Certification Courses shall be confirmed with the individual requirements of the student. If you undertake International Language Program with us, you will have to pay us the necessary tuition fees as prescribed with us. Fees shall not include the charges towards an International Examination and the corresponding procedure and formalities. This particular aspect has to be looked after by the student himself in order to avoid miscommunication. However , we shall assist you in going through the formalities as much as we can.
After completion of the Language Program, you will have to appear for the Examination conducted by the recognized International Organization . On successful passing , you will get the Certification from the concerned International Authorities .

Duration 2.-2.5
Level Basic/Intermediate/ Advanced/
HSK(Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi ) HSK1/HSK2/HSK3/HSK4
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